Mr. & Mrs.Delforge @ 2021

When our family arrived in Malaysia in 2018, our twins were 3.5 years old and we had heard about Tree Top House through friends who got their kids in this school few years back. We were strangers to the Montessori approach, but after approaching Principals of several other international school, Ms Kim’s vision and teaching philosophy convinced us to trust Tree Top House with the education of our children.

3 years later, we know we made the right and best choice.

All the teachers through the years and the school’s staff have been lovely, dedicated, committed to the education of our kids. I’m taking the opportunity here to thank them all, as they’ve done a great work over the past 3 years. In particular during the various lock-downs period of the COVID-19 pandemic, everything has been made to maintain balanced activities for the kids  while being attentive to our family situation (Zoom meetings were immediately organized after lock-downs started, craft material were sent at home, day care teachers were even sent at home when allowed…).

On the academic aspects, our twins have developed thorough knowledge in writing, reading and mathematics, far beyond what the French school program would have allowed them to learn at that age.

So we definitely recommend Treetop House and its full day kindergarten program which has provided them with the self-esteem, social kills, manners, and academics they need to begin first grade at our French elementary school.